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Galaxy Note 3 © Tanjala Gica/

Finance apps for Android phones

These apps can transform your Android smartphone into a powerful personal finance tool. Read more

Mobile banking

6 top consumer banking trends

The banking landscape is changing rapidly. How will you and your money be affected?Read more

Avoid 7 mobile banking threats

As people switch to mobile banking, they'll face more dangers to their data and money.Read more

Internet banking

6 must-have checking features

Is your checking account boring? Jazz it up with these elements.Read more

How tech is shaping bank branches

As banking changes with technology, so will bank branches. Here's what you can expect.Read more

More than 1 bank account?

Some folks need multiple bank accounts. Are you one of them?Read more

HARP 2.0


Card reader and red credit card

Fees on prepaid cards

Pay attention to fees on prepaid cards because in most cases you can avoid them.

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Ask Dr. Don

What are rules on check deposits?

Dear Dr. Don, I deposited a check for $4,000 from a possibly shaky source. Since I have that amount in my account already, the bank says I have access to the money. How long must I wait before I know the source's check...Read more



Allison Ross

Watch out for fake online banks

The SEC has filed an action against a fake bank that allegedly defrauded investors out of millions.  ... Read more

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