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The world's youngest billionaires

Facebook made Zuckerberg a multibillionaire. Who else younger than 35 makes the list? Read more


Investing Strategies

Buy stocks in your 401(k) plan?

A brokerage window lets you venture into the jungle of countless investment options.

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investing mutual funds

Celebrity investments gone sour

Some really big names have made some really bad decisions when it comes to investing.Read more

7 sins of retirement planning

To avoid financial setbacks, don't give in to these temptations.Read more

7 facts on the 'new retirement'

Retirement planning involves guesswork, but the earlier you get started, the easier it is.Read more

Is alternative investing for you?

These investments are mainly offered to the wealthy, but small investors can get in on some.Read more


A close-up of 3 fund types

What do open-end funds, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds all have in common? They each offer investors an easy and low-cost way to pool their money to purchase a diversified portfolio that reflects a particular...Read more

Investors take shine to diamonds

Diamonds, the gems that have symbolized love and marriage for decades, are beginning to attract wealthy investors as a commodity investment with potentially high returns. Negligible yield on fixed-income investments and volatility...Read more

Active investments, ETFs for me?

Dear Dr. Don, Do you recommend investing in actively managed mutual funds or exchange-traded funds? Thank you, -- Jeff Juncture Dear Jeff, That's a complex question. There's the more basic choice between investing in...Read more

Exchange-traded notes vs. ETFs

The growing population of exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, presents a rainbow of investment possibilities for tapping into the global capital and commodity markets. But in a world that's brimming with choices, it's worth remembering...Read more


Celebrity investments gone sour

While celebrities may have a talent for navigating Hollywood's shark-infested waters, their instincts in areas of finance are often another matter entirely. Tales of ill-fated celebrity investments are common, from the savvy...Read more

7 sins of retirement planning

Dante's seven deadly sins have long been deemed to be the main avenues to eternal damnation. Any aspect of life, then, is fodder for examination using the seven sins as benchmarks -- including retirement planning. Seem like...Read more

How financial advisers are paid

Millions of investors count on their financial adviser to help them build wealth. But a tricky little turn of phrase can create confusion among consumers shopping for financial guidance. It all boils down to the distinction...Read more

4 ways to gain from an earnings call

You're an investor who does the required homework on the company stocks in your portfolio, like reading analysts' reports and relative news items. If you really want an ace portfolio, though, tuning into quarterly conference...Read more

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Sheyna Steiner

Investing: Sometimes less is more

A sixth grade class played along in an investing throw down among college-level clubs and easily beat all their returns.  ... Read more


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