Recent 401(k) stories

If you refinance a home with a 401(k), tax issues might arise, depending on how it's done.
With a new job may come a new 401(k). You could move money to a new one, but you have options.
A young worker may find a Roth IRA to be superior to a 401(k) when saving for retirement.
A finance professor says emerging markets may provide a boon to retirees in the U.S.
Withdrawing elective deferrals from your 401(k) will depend on your circumstances.
Only in very specific and highly limited situations should you consider tapping retirement savings early.
When switching jobs, you can roll over your 401(k) to your new plan, but is it the right move?
A 401(k) plan is a great vehicle for building retirement savings, but they come with rules and restrictions.
Because you're not allowed a deduction when you pay back your 401(k), you'll pay taxes twice.
You can keep or roll over your old retirement account. Consider these variables in deciding.
These features help make some workplace retirement plans stand out way above the rest.
401(k) plan costs can make a big difference in how much money you end up with at retirement.
In a Roth conversion, only the values in IRA accounts are considered in determining taxable income.
When changing employers, it can make sense to consult professionals about retirement planning.
A saleswoman who gets paid on commission can tweak her finances to better prepare for retirement.
Need cash to live on? Transfer money from 401(k) to an IRA first before withdrawing money.
Understand the advantages of an IRA and a 401(k).
You lose the separation-from-service exception to avoid a tax penalty if you roll over funds to an IRA.
Thinking of a 401(k) rollover? Consider these three tips to ensure it's the right move for you.
What you do with your 401(k) depends on your need for income and your goals in retirement.
The Roth 401(k) can provide tax diversification of your retirement investments.
You'll be penalized for contributing too much to retirement accounts, so know your limits.
Avoid a big tax hit, and instead use this rule of thumb to for paying off your mortgage.
Oblivious to the costs of their retirement plans, participants will soon be enlightened.
Weigh the pros and cons of liquidating your retirement to save you from bankruptcy.
Consumers say unemployment and debt push them to raid 401(k) funds, despite penalties.
Borrowing from your 401(k) is tempting, but be aware of the risks before you do it.
New research suggests it may be worthwhile to use retirement money to pay off some types of debt.
Sometimes it makes sense to tap your retirement account. Be sure to understand the tradeoffs.
It's not always a good idea to take your retirement account with you when you leave an employer.
Treat stocks in a 401(k) plan differently from other investments in the account.
The likelihood of higher taxes in the future begs the question: Will you regret saving in a 401(k)?
Changed jobs and took your company retirement plan with you? We explain how to report it to the IRS.
A 401(k) plan is not required to offer a hardship withdrawal option to participants.
A company is unlikely to allow an ex-employee to take out a 401(k) loan, but it can't hurt to ask.
More companies are halting their 401(k) matches. Take these steps to stay on track for retirement.
The mandatory withdrawal on a 401(k) account depends on two factors and varies each year.
While it's important to save for tomorrow, remember to create financial flexibility for today.
Most of us take for granted our 401(k) contribution will wind up where it's supposed to.
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