7 big health insurance changes from Obamacare

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What's changed under Obamacare?

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The Affordable Care Act of 2010, President Barack Obama's landmark health reform law, has transformed America's health insurance landscape.

Thanks to the bill's densely woven tapestry of provisions, many Americans are receiving better care and more value for their health care dollar.

While Obamacare has continued to generate a lot of noise in the halls of Congress, major changes in the way we insure the nation's health have quietly been moving into place. As the president promised, established, or grandfathered, policies have largely been spared the makeover.

Health care experts such as Gerald Kominski, director of UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research, say health insurance reform was long overdue.

"Having lived through 20 years of advances in health care but not any significant advances in dealing with the chronic problem of just the unacceptably high rate of uninsured (people) in the United States, at least we're moving forward," he says.

How much have things changed compared to just four years ago? We asked Kominski to join two Washington, D.C.-based health care experts -- Deborah Chollet, manager of health insurance research at Mathematica Policy Research, and Sabrina Corlette, research professor at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute -- to make a then-and-now assessment, looking at seven major reforms.


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